KEEPING AMERICA GREAT – TC supports our hardworking President who has turned around our country and our economy. TC will work tirelessly to keep America great!

SECOND AMENDMENT – TC is advocating for nationwide constitutional carry AND the elimination of unconstitutional gun and ammo restrictions nationwide.

END SANCTUARIES – Lawless politicians need to be held accountable for their crimes against Americans. Siding with illegal foreign nationals, giving American taxpayer money to support illegals, and giving driver’s licenses and other benefits to illegal aliens are treasonous actions that puts our families and our country at risk. TC will work with lawmakers and other government agencies to hold up these politicians and municipalities on RICO (racketeering) charges.

EDUCATION – The federal government has NO business interfering in our children’s education. TC will work to end this. TC supports the use of vouchers and he supports full parental rights.

END TITLE IV-D – Most Americans have no idea what the Social Security Act, Title IV-D is, so suffice it to say that the federal government uses BILLIONS of dollars per year to separate children from their fathers and break up families. Title IV-D also allows judges and magistrates around the country to adjudicate men as fathers of children that may not even be theirs. This absurd and archaic practice is unconstitutional and needs to end. No man should ever be declared the father of a child without the evidence of a DNA test.